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Two beautiful ladies from Kiev in the city of love Signahi 21.05.2017

March 12.05.2017

Guests from Ukraine 09.05.2017


Great rest in Georgia. Team Geoprofi-real professionals, masters of their craft. The trip passed on 5 with a plus, all without a hitch, without a hitch, clearly, smoothly. You can safely travel with Geoprofi.


Geoprofi many thanks for a great time. The team for us was offered an individual tour. The tour included an excursion to the Davido-Gareja Monastery Complex, a majestic, impressive place with stunning energy. Visit is definitely a must! Until now, under the impression!. The whole tour was unusually rich. There is no point in describing everything in detail, you have to go and see for yourself. Success and prosperity to the team Geoprofi !!! And to a new meeting!


Many thanks to Levan for the trips)) Georgia for us became a discovery thanks to you and your love for your country! You managed to surround us with care and attention, so eight Ukrainian girls felt at home)))


Good afternoon. I want to thank Levan and Tatiana for the perfectly organized rest in Georgia! We rested a week in Tbilisi. What a beautiful city! We went to the turtle lake - a very picturesque place, which without their help we would not have found. The next day we decided to visit the ancient sulfur baths, could not remain indifferent to the story about their curative effects on the body. They also asked the children to show us the central market, where the color and taste of Georgia is especially felt! I remember the trip to Mtskheta, an ancient city. The most beautiful and picturesque place. We were dipped into the history of the depths of the centuries, told about the ancient temples. This place is also famous for its cuisine. In the open air in one of the restaurants you will be cooked in a large vat on fire with delicious khinkali and treated with home-made wine. Thanks again for the hospitality and interesting stories! Next time we plan to visit Kakheti and Borjomi. See you!


We rested in Georgia in the fourth at the end of September. Special thanks to the excursions to Levan and Tatiana. We flew to Batumi for a week and rested in Kabuleti. Then Levan and Tatyana came for us and with their tips developed an individual excursion tour around Georgia. They were in Barjomi, Mtskheta, Davido -Garjee monastery, Bodbe, Kazbegi and many other less well-known places. Everything was planned and all our requests were fulfilled qualitatively and on time. On their humanity and professionalism, we can safely rely. The next time only with them.


They were in Georgia in early October. The guys from Geoprofi are professionals. Thank you for visiting Kakheti! A magnificent corner. Excursions to wineries and wine farms at altitude! Sighnaghi city - from its history)) Three days very little ((I plan the next trip to harvest the grapes.) Thanks again, it was very interesting.