Seven-day tour

1 - 5   Persons
1752Lari + fuel cost
6 - 16   Persons
3120Lari + fuel cost


Day 1 Arrival in Tbilisi
Meeting at Tbilisi airport. Transfer to the hotel. Hotel accommodation. Free time.
Sightseeing tour around Tbilisi (Ave. Rustaveli Avenue, Agmashenebeli, David Builder, Svoboda Square, Europe Square, embankments of the Kury River.)

Excursion around Mtatsminda. Descent on the steps, visiting the pantheon of artists and culture. Graves of Griboyedov and Chavchavadze.
Free time. At will: (Sulfur baths, Tiflis temples, old Tbilisi). Return to the hotel.

Day 2:


Departure of the Tbilisi-Bodbe bus.

Visit to the Bodbe convent, in which the enlightener of Georgia, St. Nino, was buried in the 4th century. Holy spring.
Transfer to Sighnaghi, a picturesque medieval town with the same name fortress, located on the mountain
Excursion to Sighnaghi. Free time.

Moving to the center of Georgian winemaking – Tsinandali

At will: inspection of the estate of princes Chavchavadze with wine cellars (1886), a luxurious park with a chapel, in which Alexander Griboyedov and Princess Nina Chavchavadze were married. On request: visit the wine cellar with wine tasting.
Return to Tbilisi. The road, the picturesque part of Gombori is the Tbilisi-Telavi Pass. Optionally dinner at the pass in the cafe. Arrival at the hotel. Free time.

Day 3 .


Departure of the bus Tbilisi – Mtskheta. Mtskheta is the oldest city and the first capital of Georgia.
Visiting the Jvari temple (“cross”) – Georgian monastery and the 7th century temple (the gap between 586/7 and 604/5 < / A> yy.) Located on top of the mountain at the confluence Chickens A> and Aragvi Near Mtskheta – where, according to historical sources, he crossed Holy Equal of the Apostles Nina . Jvari – one of the masterpieces of architecture for the perfection of architectural forms and the first monument in Georgia World Heritage .

Excursion temple Svetitskhoveli – the first and main temple in Georgia, whose name is traditionally translated as “life-giving pillar”. The temple in its present form exists from 1010 onwards. In this place the chiton of Jesus Christ was buried in the ground

Excursion Samtavro Monastery – a complex of the Samtavro-Preobrazhensky Church and a convent St. Nino. The church was built in the fourth century by the king Mirian .

Excursion Shio-Mgvimsky Monastery – an ancient monastery 9 kilometers from the city Mtskheta . The height of the sea level is about 750 meters. Founded sometime after 560 by Saint Shio, one of the Assyrian Fathers , known as Shio Mgvimsky

Option: a visit to the popular Salobie restaurant in Mtskheta (traditional Georgian cuisine in exotic dishes). Departure to Tbilisi.

4th day


The Great Caucasus awaits you and a trip to highland Georgia. Our way will be to the north, along the Georgian Military Road , to the border with Russia. Throughout the route you will be surrounded by a magnificent mountain landscape

The first bright shots you will make on the shore Zhinvalsky reservoir . A huge water area stretches among the forested mountains at the confluence of two rivers – Belaya Aragvi and Chernaya Aragvi. This is a mountain reservoir with water, unusually turquoise, near the village of Zhinvali.

Eight kilometers from the dam is the Ananuri castle. The waters of Aragvi come to the very walls of this magnificent monument of the 17th century. The fortress walls are strengthened by two large and several small towers, from which a wonderful view opens.

As we climb the Cross Pass , we will pass the famous ski resort Gudauri . Along the serpentine serpentine to the highest point, the cross pass Ancient stone cross, set at an altitude of 2395 m in 1824, is equipped with an observation deck, from which it is convenient to photograph the Aragvi gorge and the beautiful panorama of the Greater Caucasus.

To the left of the road there is a calcareous agglomerate – a frozen stone waterfall with white-red divorces, and to the right – a mineral spring, where you can collect carbonated water with you.

This mineral spring flows from the top of the mountain, and over the centuries formed a thick layer of colored lime. From the side it seems that the mountain slope is painted in a bright orange color. From here begins the descent from the pass to the famous Daryal Gorge, which in ancient times was called the Gates of the Caucasus.

In the Kobi Basin the highway will connect to the Terek River. We will travel along its coast and arrive at the town of Stepantsminda , which in 1921-2007 was called Kazbegi.

One of the symbols of Georgia, built in the XIV century, the Church of the Holy Trinity, strikes the imagination and its harsh charm, and the wild beauty of this place.

Gerget Church of the Holy Trinity (Tsminda Sameba). This temple became the visiting card of the Kazbegi region. The Trinity Church of the 12th-14th century, towering on a hill in the village of Gergeti, at the level of 2170 m, at the foot of Mount Kazbek – the very mountain of ancient Greek myths where the gods chained Prometheus for the abduction of fire for people. Its top whitens at an altitude of 5 034 meters, and there never melts snow. This mountain is covered with a lot of old legends and legends.

Return to Tbilisi.

Day 5 .

Bus departure from Tbilisi – Vardzia
Vardzia. The cave monastery complex XII-XII. Optionally visit the monastery complex. Arrival at the hotel
Moving to Borjomi.
Visit to Borjomi Park and a healing spring of mineral water.
Free time

Optionally visit the church of Seraphim of Sarov by cable car.

6 days

Borjomi – Kutaisi

– Stop at the fortress of Surami.
At will Stop at the village of Shrosha, visit the monastery of Ubis IX century. The first temple (St. George) in Ubis. In 1141, a tall four-story tower appeared.
Arrival in Kutaisi Tour of Kutaisi, the ancient capital of western Georgia. Excursions: Bagrati monastery (X century), Motsameta (XI century), Gelati (XII century). On request, visit the natural cave “Prometheus.”

Accommodation at the hotel. Free time.

Day 7:

Sightseeing tour of Batumi. Departure by bus to the arch bridge of the 12th century Tamara Tsarina and the Batumi waterfall.

Free time. Optional visit to Adzhar Wine House (Chkhaveri, Tsolikauri), Batumi Botanical Garden.
Transfer to the airport of Batumi. End of the tour

The cost of the tour includes:
  • transfer from the airport to the airport
  • car Mercedes-Benz
  • all guided tours
  • free Wi-Fi


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